I lost my speech to find my voice

From inspiration to transformation


19 years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune neuromuscular disease. During the next 4 years my condition was gradually declining. I felt helpless and I became depressed. Finally, there came time when I was not able to speak, swallow, perform personal care and occasionally I had breathing difficulties. On Easter night in 2005 it became so severe, that I woke up my dad and he called an ambulance. I knew I was dying. I remember the life force gradually leaving my body. I had to use all my strenght and will to remain conscious waiting for the doctors on the ER. It felt like eternity. It was a holiday, limited staff. It was severe and there is no drug or pill that can alieviate the state. Before they were able to do anything I passed out. I traveled far and I didn't want to come back. But I was told that my mission was not done and it'd be a good idea to come back. I woke up on the ICU attached to the ventilator and uncountable amount of IV's, my body was still disabled but I never felt more alive than in that moment. My entire perspective has shifted. I KNEW everything is gonna be alrgiht. Now, 15 years later, I live a normal life, my body recovered - I swim, ride a bike and do yoga; I haven't been to a doctor for the past ten years or gotten any medicine; I moved to another continent looking for the place of my dreams and inspiring others that everything is possible became my life mission.

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About me

I am multidimensional. Often described by others as extraordinary, uncommon, creative and audacious.

I am constantly searching and learning.

I hold Masters degree in Business Management from the University of Lodz, also I have finished Postgraduate European Studies and Postgraduate Translations Studies, additionally I studied 3 years of Graphic Design at the University of Computer Sciences and Arts in Lodz, Poland. I worked as a travel guide, translator, photographer, social media manager but none of these boxes seem to fit my constantly expanding and multidimensional nature.

I lived in three countries and fluently speak three languages: Polish, English and Spanish.

My mission is to inspire and empower others.
To give hope where there seem to be no hope.
I offer personal sessions of spiritual mentoring for those who chose the less traveled path of self-discovery. I strongly believe that mind-body-soul are interconnected and any change that we want to implement in our life has to touch all three levels.
Know thyself is one of the most known phrases in both, western and eastern societies, yet still the majority avoids to look within.
But as within, so without. As above, so below...

Core topics:

Core topics:

Motivation & Inspiration
Overcoming Adversity
Personal Growth
Change Management
Life Balance